Road Dust Control Products

Dust-Off® dust suppressant has been used by miners, loggers, farmers, and municipalities for over 25 years to cost effectively control dust and maintain road surfaces.

Control> Unlike most dust control products, Dust-Off®  absorbs moisture from the air to maintain optimum moisture in the road  particles.  This hygroscopic effect provides much more dust suppression  per gallon than water – multiplying the ability to hold down dust while  holding your costs down at the same time.
Stabilize> Untreated road surfaces require more  frequent repairs of potholes, washboard and rutting.  Dust-Off® helps  compact the road surface for long-lasting stabilization – which can  lengthen the time between time-consuming and expensive road repairs.
Save> Dust-Off® saves you money in many ways.  It helps  prevent costly accidents caused by poor visibility and helps reduce  health problems related to airborne particles.  Dust-Off® helps lower  maintenance costs by keeping dust from damaging equipment

A study by the US Army Construction Engineers and the US Environmental Protection Agency concluded that dust control with magnesium chloride – the primary ingredient in Dust-Off® – is most effective.1 Another report by the Iowa Department of Transportation and the Iowa Highway Research Board showed magnesium chloride to be three times more effective than bentonite treatments in suppressing dust.

 The Main ingredient in Dust-Off® is Magnesium chloride



Magnesium Chloride: The Right Solution for Road Base Stabilization & Dust Control

Why Use Magnesium Chloride?

  • Magnesium chloride attracts moisture from the air, keeping the road damp even under hot, dry conditions. The moisture film provides a cohesive force that binds aggregate particles together, resulting in a hard and compact surface.
  • A beneficial residual effect accumulates with consistent application year after year. As magnesium chloride becomes established deeper in the road base, stability improves and frost damage is virtually eliminated.
  • Magnesium chloride has been used for dust control applications since the early 1920’s. No other dust control product comes close to this level of proven performance.
  • Save Money With Dust Control Magnesium Chloride dust control can lower your operating costs significantly.
  • Reduce the need for blading, watering, and gravel replacement.
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance cost of lowering the levels of dust that clogs filters, bearings and machinery.
  • Reduce the cost of cleaning vehicles, equipment, property, vegetation, and living sites.
  • Improves Human and Animal health

What is Magnesium Chloride?

  • A liquid produced from naturally-occurring minerals in the Great Salt Lake.
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic to humans and animals
  • Hygroscopic (attracts moisture) to provide maximum control of dust, which offers a more pleasant living and working environment.
  • Designed for deep soil penetration to create compact, smooth road surfaces
  • Magnesium Chloride is an environmentally friendly solution that is non-toxic to humans and animals. Commonly used in areas such as:
  • Unpaved roads
  • Construction sites
  • Parking lots
  • Fairground
  • Riding arenas