FAQ’s about Dirt Road Dust Control

How much will dirt road dust control cost?

Dust-off® is an affordable product, the cost will depend on the area to be covered and the soil conditions of the road.  We will provide a free estimate upon your request.

What surrounding areas do you serve?

We serve mostly Park, Sweetgrass and Gallatin Counties.

Is Dust-off safe for the environment and people?

Dust-off® is domestic magnesium chloride that is derived from the ocean.  If used properly Dust-off is safe to the environment and humans.  In fact magnesium chloride, is also used in several environmentally sensitive areas such as U.S. Forest roads.

How many applications per year would I need to do?

This will depend on the soil conditions of your road, traffic patterns and other variables, however on average most people apply 2 treatments per year.  We can provide a free estimate and let you know at that time our recommendations for the amount of applications.

How does ice melter work?

Ice melting compounds consist of different types of salt. As the salt dissolves, it forms a eutectic solution also known as a brine solution. The brine solution has a lower freezing point than water. This causes ice and snow in contact with the brine solution to melt.

When an ice melting compound is placed on ice, the moisture causes the ice melting compound to dissolve. As ice and snow melt, more of the ice melting compound is able to dissolve and the brine solution increases and spreads.

Do I need to keep kids and pets away from the area for a period of time after you spray?

No. Magnesium Chloride is a non-toxic and very environmentally friendly product, and there’s no odor during or after spraying. Not only is Magnesium Chloride non-toxic, but it can actually help to prevent airborne disease.

Should the road be grated and prepared before the application of the dust control product?

The following road preparation should be considered before dirt road dust control :

Blade in the spring, while road moisture content and humidity are relatively high. Water the road surface prior to blading unless rain has fallen within the last two days. Remove ruts, washboards, potholes and mix in loose aggregate. Good drainage is essential to good performance. Shape roads to a 4% or greater crown. Ditches, shoulders and culverts should be reshaped and cleaned as needed. Dirt road Dust control applications should not be started during heavy rainfall or if rain is threatening. During unusually long periods of hot, dry weather, you may water the road surface (very light coat of water) during early morning hours as needed to reconstitute a magnesium chloride.  Re-apply Dust-Off® in late summer or early fall as needed.





Feel Free to Email me with any Questions about gravel and dirt road dust control.  We will be happy to provide a Free Estimate and answer any questions you may have regarding our dirt road dust control applications and products.

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